Now time has dawned for the Holy Archangel Michaël, to send humanity a wake-up call.

With his Sword he bestows Strength, the Power of Discernment and Protection on us.

With his Torch of Light he enlightens our path ahead.


A Wave of Christ’s Love encompasses us, guiding us in the ascent of our Mother Planet,

all the way up to the Portal which brings us to His Loving Heart.


There we can see the White Rose, the vibrant emanation of God’s Word, a timeless Light from which all once was born:

star, planet, human and angel. Once they travelled from that Cosmic Heart, but in time they will return.

Then all bell towers of the Holy City will resound with joy.


All life that the Universal Christ in unity with God once sowed throughout creation,

will  one day be brought back home by Him. Divine Seeds they are, maturing  during Cosmic Cycles.

When the Seed’s Light shines bright enough, Archangel Gabriel, messenger of God, appears next to the Holy Archangel Michaël.


Gabriel heralds  that at that moment, the Christ child is born within this longing heart.

Thereby the soul remembers its heavenly origin and because of that beholds all glory which before was invisible,

eventually resulting in the ultimate fulfillment: the return to the Kingdom of Light.      


 Thanks to Michel Pépé for his permission to use ‘La Source d’Emeraude’ out of his album La Source d’ Emeraude on our website.

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