From the age of twelve onwards Frank De Badrihayé’s spiritual awakening took a start,

thereby leaving him with a growing longing to seek and find Father-Mother God.

This opened the Portal to the spiritual realms where he experienced a conscious contact with angels,

spiritual teachers and Christ.

Under their guidance he visited the spiritual realms on several occasions

and was granted glimpses of Eternal source of Light Divine.

You can read more about these experiences in his book

‘The Annunciation of the Light’ where you can also find a selection of his visionary paintings.


“All my paintings have originated from direct observation,

through experiencing the spiritual realms while being in the subtle body,

or were immediately transferred from on high whereby

it felt as if my hand was being led and my arm was weightless.”

“My paintings always serve as mirrors of God’s Great Reality

where eternal Peace and Happiness reign

and where the Heavenly Inhabitants breathe in God’s Great Love.

They call upon us and  invite us to become more open and receptive,

to awaken from the dream and to remember our own origin.”

“The urge to paint keeps growing in an effort to help my fellow human beings

in lifting up the veil and show them the beauty of God’s great Creation.

It makes me feel profoundly grateful experiencing how seekers are often deeply touched,

strenghtened and helped by my paintings during their quiet meditations,

where they can be used as a portal and a channel providing deep comfort,

blessing and Divine grace.”

Frank De Badrihayé